How To Win In Life: With the help of “The Twelfth Angel”

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Have you ever felt grief so deep that death became a welcome alternative? We all have suffered a loss, have been defeated, and generally felt it is time to give up because there seems to be no hope at all. However, just like what Og Mandino points out in his book, “The Twelfth Angel”, that despite our losses (which by the way are inevitable) we should “never give up”.

Being a winner is not about how much money we have or how successful we are in our career.

It is our outlook that will determine our happiness and success.

With the help of the "Twelfth Angel" here are some important points to ponder about how to overcome challenges and eventually win in life:

1. We could lose everything in a split second.
               - We will lose someone or something one way or the other but it is not the end of everything. We can choose to either allow ourselves to remain miserable or find the courage within ourselves to start again.

2. Never lose hope despite being confronted with any form of obstacle.  
                - Just like Timothy Noble, the twelfth Angel. He lived by these two simple thoughts: “Day by day, in every way, I'm getting better. Never… never… never… never… never… never give up.” (qtd. in "The Twelfth Angel", Og Mandino 1996)

3. At some point in our life we will feel total emptiness.
                - But we can still pick ourselves up and rebuild what we have along with the memories of the past.
                - Our success and failures in the past are wonderful lessons that should help us make the right decisions today to ensure a better tomorrow.

4. Never give up on the power of friendship and love.
                - We should nurture our friends and build true and lasting relationships because next to our immediate family true friends will hold our hand and keep our spirits up in times of trouble.  

5. Trust in the power of having a positive attitude.
                - Believe in yourself and affirm it every day. Never lose hope and never give up because in your own way, no matter how small, you are getting better.
                - Tenacity is the key to success. It is perseverance, patience, and the stubborn determination to see things through that will make you a champion in life.

If you feel you have lost all hope just believe that the events in your life have a purpose. You may not see that purpose right now but if you open your heart and mind it will soon be revealed to you.

Never give up.

In closing here is a synopsis of Og Mandino's book:
“The Twelfth Angel” tells the story of a successful businessman, John Harding who is living the good life only to have it turned upside down after a tragic loss. You see, Harding’s wife and their seven-year-old son got killed in a car accident. With the death of the two most important people in his life John felt there was no reason for him to continue living either. To (somehow) help John get his mind off the tragedy his closest friend Bill West invited him to help manage the local Little League team.  

This is how John gets to know Timothy Noble. Timothy is eleven years old but he has a tiny frame, is very frail, and always finishes last in every practice run. Nobody ever saw Timothy to be much of an athlete. Nobody ever thought this little boy will take their Little League team to win the championship. But, despite the odds, win he did. Timothy is a champion not only in sports but in life as well. It was his never-give-up attitude that made him a winner. It was his positive outlook in life that held the team together and help John overcome his grief as well.

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