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Motivational Quotes

Are you looking for beautiful inspirational quotes? Here is an additional feature in my blog. These are motivational quotes that will surely help you feel encouraged, happy, and positive about life. Feel free to share the images and post it on your social networking site's status page.
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Always keep an open mind. Your opinion of yourself, of others, and of the world is not the fact.


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Appreciate the challenges that you are facing right now for like the butterfly you shall soon emerge from it better, stronger, and more beautiful.

 The butterfly was not born as is. It started as a caterpillar and underwent several changes and required a lot of patience until it came to represent something that is beautiful. View your problems not as a punishment from heaven but an opportunity for something better.

What will break you down is not the weight of your burden
It is your manner in carrying the load.

Life is all about perspective. Everyone has his own trials but what makes successful people better than the rest? They are the ones who are able to carry their problems better and willing to work harder rather than dwell about how hard their life is.
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Pain is just temporary but losing because you quit will haunt you forever.

Do you think your life is getting nowhere and you feel like quitting? Don’t. Just hang on. Success is so much sweeter if you know it is by the sweat of your brow. If you quit without giving yourself enough chance, then you will have to live feeling like a total loser all the time.

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Courage may just be the most important virtue because to successfully implement all the other virtues you must not be afraid to live out these moral standing at all times.

Courage is definitely what Mahatma Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, the saints, and all the heroes we look up to have in common. If you resolve to practice the virtues no matter how many times you trip or fall then you will also surely rise above your failure in time. That is what courage is all about.

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Do you want to take control of your life?
Control your thoughts first.

If you want to claim any form of power in your existence then it is definitely your power over your thoughts. This message is taking the old saying “change from within” deeper by giving it a clearer objective.
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