Ways To Be Happy

To be stress free is equated with happiness. So how is happiness measured? Is it how much money you have? The stuff you bought? Or how hard you partied last night?  Undeniably, these things (and more) give a certain amount of pleasure. Yet you can’t help but ask “can there be more to life than this?”

Studies have shown that happiness is a state. It encompasses the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a person. Everything that we do is directed to one end – to be happy. So here are five tips to be happy and stress free:

  1. Know that everything is temporary. Therefore, make the most of everything. Do your job well because you don’t know how long you get to keep it. However, do not let work eat you up. Make time for your family, especially if you have kids. While it’s good to go out with friends they shouldn’t take precedence over family.
  2. Never stop learning. Knowledge does not stop after school. Age is not a hindrance to learn something new. There is more to life than the four corners of the workplace. Therefore, do not be lazy or complacent. Add more to what you already know. Life is a never ending lesson and knowledge is just waiting to be discovered.
  3. Do your best at work not because you want to make more money but because a job needs to be done excellently. Of course money is an important happiness factor but the satisfaction of knowing you did an excellent job holds more value than just getting paid.
  4. Accept the fact that material things can never truly make you happy. It’s good if you can afford to put expensive food on the table but you can still be unhappy while eating a feast (or lechon which is the epitome of a banquet for us Filipinos). Therefore, want less. Let simplicity in its truest sense be your lifestyle.
  5. Know “Desiderata” by heart.


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